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Unguarded moments: Where science and religion flourish

31 May 2011 | Ann Rennie

I was never much of a science student. I remember being careful with a Bunsen burner, undertaking experiments with chemicals in pipettes in the laboratory and trying to learn by heart the periodic table. But the science of my school days was for the students who could understand strange abstractions and pH balances and problem solving.

Science and the Bible

09 May 2011

Science and the BibleProfessor Neil Ormerod says he's dismayed when he hears people trying to reconcile the stories in the Bible with scientific discoveries.

Science-based action

09 May 2011 | Michele Gierck

Science-based action We are inspired by faith, but our actions are most effective if they are based in science.

Editorial: Parish in the 21st century

23 Apr 2011 | Michael McVeigh

A great deal has been written in recent years about the decline of the Catholic Church. Certainly if you look at the numbers, there has been a diminishment over the last few decades. Where once Sunday Mass was a major part of people's lives, today fewer than 14 per cent of Catholics attend Mass regularly.

Unguarded moments: The beauty of parish life

23 Apr 2011 | Ann Rennie

A parish is about encouraging people to commit time to one another. That requires someone in the middle of everything with a gift for love.

A moment's pause

23 Apr 2011 | Michele Gierck

Taking time out at Jamberoo Abbey, and learning a new way to pray.


06 Jan 2011 | Michael McVeigh

In Australia, summer and sport go hand in hand, whether it's cricket on the beach, or touch football in the park. Our beautiful climate and many open spaces are a gift for sports-lovers to savour.

Unguarded moments: The race of our lives

06 Jan 2011 | Ann Rennie

It doesn't matter whether we are first past the post, it's how we compete that counts.

'Namastes' in a sacred land

23 Dec 2010 | Ann Doyle PHOTO Bruce Miller

Discovering the many faces of religion in India.

Alone with the Qur’an

23 Dec 2010 | Tim Kroenert

Alone with the Qur'anPlacing passages from the Bible alongside the Qur'an, a writer learns something about both religious traditions.

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