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AC Classroom: Dreaming of a different future

31 May 2016 | Kate Mani

What do you do when a program you believe in is threatened with closure?

From the archive: Of rosary beads and Ramadan

18 May 2016 | Beth Doherty

A young Catholic and a young Muslim learn they have a lot on common, including a shared devotion to Mary and a love of beaches. 

Mercy notes: Mercy in relationships

10 Mar 2016 | Peter Fleming 

Mercy, like charity, begins at home. 

Mercy prayer: Gospel contemplation

10 Mar 2016 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Shut your eyes and imagine for a few minutes this story through Martha’s eyes. How would you feel about Mary if you were Martha? How would you feel about Jesus? Now let someone read aloud Martha’s words to Jesus and his reply. Sit quietly again for a few minutes.

Mercy and the saints: St Monica’s love for her son

10 Mar 2016 | Peter Fleming

Even saints sometimes need a loving, merciful hand to guide them on the right path.

True love: A step-by-step guide

10 Mar 2016 | Michael McVeigh

God sees every person in the world as special. So for God the relationships we form with each other are equally precious. This means we need to approach the people we’re attracted to ways that respect both their dignity and their vulnerability. Because true love isn’t just the end goal of a romantic relationship – it’s the road we follow to get there.

Explorations: The business of relationships

10 Mar 2016 | Andrew Hamilton

Relationships are more than transactions where one thing is exchanged for another. Ideally, relationships are places where people are generous in what they give of themselves, and are also generous in what they forgive in others. 

The Gospel according to Star Wars

10 Mar 2016 | Michael McVeigh

The latest Star Wars movie broke box office records over the summer, bringing people the latest chapter in the saga of the Skywalker family. Of course, the Bible is also full of family stories. What are some of the relationship lessons that we can find in the Star Wars movies as well as in the Bible? 

Listening with mercy 

10 Mar 2016 | Clare Deignan

It has been 150 years since Mary MacKillop founded the Sisters of St Joseph, committed to supporting families in need across Australia. Continuing in that tradition, MacKillop Family Services reaches out to families in a variety of ways, including out-of-home care, disability and education services, parenting, youth and substance abuse programs and integrated family support. But the workers there believe all the services, support and programs in the world can’t begin to help a family, if no one is willing to listen to their story. 

AC Classroom: A Christian community

10 Mar 2016 | Anna Watt

The early Christian communities were the first to embrace Jesus’ radical new vision for how we should relate to one another. We asked one of our young writers to imagine what it was like living in these communities – called to love those around you, yet surrounded by a hostile world. 

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