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Young writers

A good health guide to friendship

10 Mar 2016 | Meaghan O’Connor

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve felt left out
 or betrayed by a friend? You aren’t the only one. Many people, when presented with a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or hurt by someone they trust, react in anger, or annoyance, often damaging that relationship. But that’s not the only way to act. 

The divine guilt trip

26 Jan 2016 | Neve Mahoney

The idea of an omniscient God (a God that knows all) can be an intimidating concept. There’s a paranoia in believing that you are constantly being watched, and more than that, being judged. 

Becoming God's bestie this Lent

26 Jan 2016 | Young writers

Lent is a time to clear away the clutter so that we can focus on the more important relationships in life. We asked some of our young writers what they might give up, and what they might do, to deepen their friendship with God this Lent. 


Playlist: Lenten mercy

26 Jan 2016 | Thea Kurniawan

Keep the spirit of mercy alive with this playlist. 

Four ways to eat healthy and save the environment 

03 Nov 2015 | Sinead Goodfellow

Inspired by Pope Francis's environmental encyclical and want to be healthy as well? Here are some things you can do this Christmas. 

AC Classroom: A stranger from Nazareth

03 Nov 2015 | Anna Watt

The air is crisp, but the sandy road still radiates the warm breath of the day on our walk to dinner. A gentle crimson light enfolds the olive grove and falls softly on our bodies, and the powdered track dusts our sandals and slips in between our toes. 

And the winners are....

24 Aug 2015

Catholic school students across Australia entered this year's competition, sharing the extraordinary stories of everyday Australians and the winners are...

From attitude to gratitude

19 Aug 2015 | Roxanne Moussalem

I want so much/To look in the mirror and say I’m beautiful/And be shown love.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Flying High

1 Comment
19 Aug 2015 | Sophie Holland

The plane rattled along, coming to a stop facing into the wind while they completed run down checks. They taxied over to the parking area and shut down the plane. Out jumped Mark, the flying instructor and behind him, came my best friend, Jade Esler.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Runner-up: Reaching for Mars

19 Aug 2015 | Josie Rees

All around our world, exciting new opportunities open up every day. Dianne McGrath, a 45-year-old woman from Australia, is a finalist for the biggest opportunity yet. The MarsOne Mission is sending 24 people from around the world on a one-way ticket to live on Mars.

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