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Prayer blog: Shalom: Judaism through a Christian lens

22 Sep 2015 | Helen Jacobs

Last week, on 22 September, Yom Kippur was celebrated in the Jewish tradition. The holiest day in the Jewish calender, Yom Kippur is the day of atonement. We bring you this blog from a Catholic Canberra writer who had a privileged visit to a Synagogue as part of an interfaith excursion. 

Prayer blog: Patience really is a virtue

14 Sep 2015 | Helen Jacobs

Virtues are good habits for a reason. They are the coaches and spectators of this marathon called life, whole-heartedly advising you and cheering you on, wanting you to become a better person. 

Prayer blog: A journey back to mass

02 Sep 2015 | Genevieve Nicoll

Despite growing up Catholic and attending Catholic schools, until recently I had stopped regularly attending Mass. 

Prayer blog: The Refugee Bishop

26 Aug 2015 | Aoife Connors

As part of Migration awareness month (August) Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen shared his journey from fleeing Vietnam as a refugee, to his ordination as a Franciscan, to finally being appointed a Bishop in Melbourne. 

Prayer blog: In the silence of the heart

25 Aug 2015 | Beth Doherty

In 2012, Pope Benedict wrote a letter for the World Day of Communications on silence. It was an unusual departure from the tradition of the previous 10 years, which had focused on the changes in digital media platforms and the Internet. 

Prayer blog: Who am I to judge?

18 Aug 2015 | Andrew Hamilton SJ

If there is one line by which Pope Francis has become famous, it is ‘I do not judge’ or perhaps rather ‘who am I to judge?’. The most famous instance where he used this line was on a plane coming back from World Youth Day in Brazil. Journalists were given open slather to ask him about a range of topics, and he was asked about homosexuality. 

Prayer blog: Five different kinds of communion

1 Comment
12 Aug 2015 | James Depiazzi

I watched on with fascination recently as an elderly woman in our congregation received five kinds of communion.

Prayer blog: Selfies with the Pope

03 Aug 2015 | Brendan Nicholls

Last week we were fortunate enough to be visited by Pope Francis. Although he was not able to be with us in person, we had a creative substitute in the form of a life size cardboard cut-out. Students were encouraged to ‘meet’ him at various locations around the College during lunchtimes and with supervision take a selfie on their laptop or an iPad from the ILC.  

Prayer blog: How to become a saint

28 Jul 2015 | Genevieve Nicoll

Genevieve Nicoll mulls over the possibility that she too could strive to be a saint.

Prayer blog: Being love at work

20 Jul 2015 | Nirmalene Candappa

Research Fellow Nirmalene Candappa describes a challenging time when she was called to love the unlovable in ‘Being love at work’.

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