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Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: Making learning fun

01 Aug 2013 | Alexander Wylie

Mrs Susan Blyth has been teaching at St Anthony's Catholic Primary School for many years. All her students, past and present, would say the same thing: Mrs Blyth makes learning fun.

The heart of the land

02 Aug 2012 | Jessica Ali

The heart of the land What can we learn about environmental issues from the first Australians?

Confessions of a serial polluter

02 Aug 2012 | Anushki De Cruze

Confessions of a serial polluterWaiting for a sign from God might not be the best option.

A say in our future

02 Aug 2012 | Grace Hamilton

A say in our futureYoung people have just as much at stake on environmental issues as anyone. Their voices should be heard.

How did we get here?

02 Aug 2012 | Abbie Benci

How did we get here? Just what would our environment look like if we jumped in a time machine and travelled back through history? Is the story of civilisation a story of environmental degradation, or is it more complicated than that?

A national icon in danger

02 Aug 2012 | Doreen Vella

A national icon in dangerThe Koala population in Australia is decreasing at a rapid rate. Is this what we want to happen to one of our most loved animals?

A sustainable school

02 Aug 2012 | Victoria Fogarty

Sustainable school Conscious of their impact on the environment, schools are making sure they are more sustainable in their practices, while passing on important lessons to students.

A day in the life

02 Aug 2012 | Molly Hancock

A day in the life We often forget how important water is to our daily life. Doreen Vella and Molly Hancock take a look at water's impact on the life of an Australian teenager, and compare it to the experiences of a teenager in East Timor.

Five fun ways to live green

01 Aug 2012 |

5 fun ways to live greenDoes caring for the environment have to be a chore? Our guest editors hit the streets with photographer Peter Casamento to see if living green can be fun.


01 Aug 2012 | Jessica Ali and Anushki De Cruze

Spring - my favourite time of the year. Everything is just starting to come back to life after the long winter stretch, and nature is in its full glory.

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