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Confessions of a serial polluter

02 Aug 2012 | Anushki De Cruze

Confessions of a serial polluterWaiting for a sign from God might not be the best option.

A say in our future

02 Aug 2012 | Grace Hamilton

A say in our futureYoung people have just as much at stake on environmental issues as anyone. Their voices should be heard.

How did we get here?

02 Aug 2012 | Abbie Benci

How did we get here? Just what would our environment look like if we jumped in a time machine and travelled back through history? Is the story of civilisation a story of environmental degradation, or is it more complicated than that?

A national icon in danger

02 Aug 2012 | Doreen Vella

A national icon in dangerThe Koala population in Australia is decreasing at a rapid rate. Is this what we want to happen to one of our most loved animals?

A sustainable school

02 Aug 2012 | Victoria Fogarty

Sustainable school Conscious of their impact on the environment, schools are making sure they are more sustainable in their practices, while passing on important lessons to students.

A day in the life

02 Aug 2012 | Molly Hancock

A day in the life We often forget how important water is to our daily life. Doreen Vella and Molly Hancock take a look at water's impact on the life of an Australian teenager, and compare it to the experiences of a teenager in East Timor.

Five fun ways to live green

01 Aug 2012 |

5 fun ways to live greenDoes caring for the environment have to be a chore? Our guest editors hit the streets with photographer Peter Casamento to see if living green can be fun.


01 Aug 2012 | Jessica Ali and Anushki De Cruze

Spring - my favourite time of the year. Everything is just starting to come back to life after the long winter stretch, and nature is in its full glory.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: Monsignor White

01 Aug 2012 | Macey Gillman

John White is an everyday person with an inspiring story. His life shows a priest's faith and devotion.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: The Cartwheeling Cleric

01 Aug 2012 | Nicholas McCallum

'Go tell your friends that!' Father Brendan proclaimed after cartwheeling across the sanctuary. Mass was in full swing and so was he.

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