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Finding God's Traces

 |  20 March 2017

Give your graduating students a gift that they will treasure, with daily reflections that will help keep their Catholic education alive throughout their lives.

Availably exclusively to schools through Jesuit Communications, Finding God's Traces is a hard-cover publication that makes an ideal gift for graduating students, as well as current and retiring staff members, parents or school alumni.

The book features:

  • Readings for each day of the year
  • Thoughts and reflections
  • A comprehensive index
  • 25 year calendar of moveable feast days

Michael McGirr is a well known author, commentator and presenter.

Michael is the celebrated Australian author of Things You Get For Free, Bypass and The Lost Art of Sleep. He has been a regular columnist and reviewer for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (he has reviewed over 900 books for these two publications alone) and The Canberra Times.

His articles and short stories have appeared in numerous other publications.  He has been the editor of Australian Catholics and publisher of Eureka Street, fiction editor of Meanjin and a presenter on ABC radio.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife and three children and is currently the Head of faith and Mission at St Kevin’s College in Melbourne.

Finding Gods traces can be easily customised for your school. Talk to us about how to print your own labels and place inside the book or design your own dust jackets. The rear section of the book is available for personal messages from staff members and fellow students, that will be remembered and re-visited for years to come.

For orders over 500 copies, your school name and crest will appear on the front cover of the book in goldfoil lettering. You may also customise your books by writing your own introduction which is printed at the beginning of each copy. 


Bishop Greg O’Kelly, member of the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education (Chairman 2009-2012), says while young people have many reminders of faith during their school life, Finding God's Traces will be an ongoing link to the community of faith that is part of students' identities.

Loreto Toorak has delighted in presenting ‘Finding God’s Traces’ to our Yr 12 graduates since 2005 and we are very pleased to recommend it. At a time of both conclusion and new beginnings in their lives, this wonderful collection of reflections and quotes from scripture provides them with nourishment for the journey  ahead. We know our graduates will turn to ‘Finding God’s Traces’ at different moments in their lives and  find both inspiration and consolation grounded in the Ignatian spirituality which is so central to the Loreto tradition. Dr Susan Stevens, Principal, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak VIc


"There are a lot of lights that fill the world of a young adult.  The question put by the disciples to Jesus "Lord, where do you live?" is therefore an important one for young adults as they seek to find the presence of God in their lives. With its board scope of reflections this book is a marvelous help for that."Bishop Greg O’Kelly, Chairman of the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education

“As an experienced Deputy Principal and now Principal, I have found "Finding God's Traces" to be an outstanding gift for our graduating Year 12 class. The importance of presenting graduands with a book that is both spiritually renewing and engaging for young adults cannot be overstated.”
Darren Ebgerts, Principal Mercy Regional College VIC

“We have used Finding Gods Traces for the past five years as a graduation gift for our Year 12 students at Valate. I believe it is a wonderful gift that will remind our graduating young men and women of the importance of daily prayer and we hope it will further encourage them to continue ‘to seek and find God in all things’. The daily readings and reflections are concise, compelling  and draw on a range of  relevant reflections, scriptural extracts and prayers. We hope our students will use Finding God’s Traces regularly and  grow to treasure it as a significant reminder of their time in a Jesuit school”
Robert Laidler, Principal, Loyola College, Mount Druitt NSW


Call 1300 72 88 46 to speak to us about how Finding God's Traces can benefit your school. 



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