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Prayer & spirituality

 |  09 April 2014


Daily Prayer Online A resource from Jesuit Communications, offering reflections on the Gospel readings to help you connect with God in your life.

Madonna Magazine A magazine of spiritual reading for lay people, published by Jesuit Communications. It aims to enhance the spiritual development of its readers. A primary focus of each issue of Madonna is the church's liturgy, especially the scripture readings for each day

Pray As You Go Daily prayer downloads for MP3 players. Combines music, scripture, and some questions for reflection.

Sacred Space Provides a 'Sacred Space' in your day, praying here and now, with the help of scripture chosen every day and on-screen guidance.

Jesuit Prayer A US-based prayer site drawing together prayer and reflection resources around the daily Gospel readings.

Liturgy Help is a unique internet subscription service, fully authorised by the Catholic Church to publish official liturgical texts online, providing easy access for parishes, schools and other Catholic communities to the wealth of the Church’s liturgical texts.

iRosary is an innovative new Rosary for the iPhone and iPod Touch which displays a fully-animated set of Rosary beads that flows across your hand as you move it with your finger, like a standard Rosary. For those new to the Rosary, there is no easier way to learn this perfect prayer which engages the body, mind, and soul, while meditating on the life of Jesus Christ. Those who pray the Rosary regularly will appreciate how closely iRosary resembles a traditional Catholic Rosary. 



Catholic Charismatic Renewal A spiritual movement within the Catholic Church that emphasises the availability of the power and the many gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer, and the need for a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ in order to live life to the fullest.

Catholic Enquiry Centre Information to help deepen knowledge of the Catholic faith and understanding of Catholic baptism

Catalyst For Renewal 

Aquinas Academy Offers Adult Education in the Christian Faith... a centre for the study of Philosophy and Theology.

eBible Read the bible, ask a question or get an answer








This web site brings together resources that may be of use to Catholic educators in Australia. The resources have been highlighted by members of the education community. While all care is taken to check the resources featured on these external websites, we are not responsible for the content on these sites. If you find any link that is objectionable, please send us an email at editor (at) 


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