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Quiz: Female saints

24 May 2017

Quiz: Female saints

1. How old was St Joan of Arc when she led the French army to victory over the English at Orleans? a. 18. b. 21. c. 24.

2. Known as the ‘little flower’, which saint became a Doctor of the Church despite never receiving a formal education and never leaving the walls of her cloister during her brief time in religious life?

3. Which legendary Irish saint prayed to be made ugly so that no man would desire to marry her?

4. Which mother became the patron saint of disappointing children, after praying for the conversion of her wayward son, St Augustine?

5. Who am I? I was born on 28 March 1515, in Spain. My grandfather was a Jewish convert to Christianity, who was condemned by the Spanish Inquisition for allegedly returning to his old faith. After my mother’s death when I was 14, I devoted my life to the Virgin Mary as my spiritual mother. I entered a Carmelite Monastery in 1535, and proceeded to create a reformed cloister with new rules around absolute poverty and renunciation of property. I wrote a number of works, and my words continue to resonate with people today. I was canonised in 1622, and was named a Doctor of the Church in 1970. I am …


Answers: 1. a. 2. St Therese of Lisieux.?3. St Brigid. 4. St Monica. 5. St Teresa of Avila.


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