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Prayers of the people: Easter Sunday Year B, 1 April 2018

25 March 2018

Introductory reflection

Three days of close companionship with Jesus have led us into the fathomless mystery of divine love. From start to finish we have gloried “in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he is our salvation, our life and resurrection; through him we are saved and made free” (Gal 6:14). Via a wealth of symbol and rite – towel and basin, table of word, table of Eucharist, tree of life, paschal candle, waters of rebirth, oil of holiness – our eyes have been opened to see the new creation. God has said “Yes” to us in Christ; in Christ we say “Amen” to God (2 Cor 1:19-20) and today add “Alleluia!”

The week’s prayer focus

We pray for all who have been baptised in Christ, that they will glory in the freedom of the children of God.

Sample intercessions

These intercessions are offered for selected use at Sunday Mass in the parish alongside those that express local needs and concerns


Dear friends, on this holy night/day the whole of creation thrills with joy at the resurrection of Christ. With unshakeable hope let us pray for all things to be made new in him.


  1. For Pope Francis, bishop of Rome, and all Christian leaders, that they will never cease to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ boldly and faithfully, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  2. For the church in Australia, that like the Easter candle it will dispel the darkness of sin and death and shed the light of Christ across the land, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  3. For all who have been baptised, confirmed and fed at the table of life this Easter, that they will find life-long joy in following Christ and living the gospel, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  4. For women believers, that they will lead the church forward in faith, after the example of the women who were first witnesses of the resurrection, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  5. For the Christian churches of the Holy Land and the Middle East, that they will hold fast to their ancient faith in the face of prejudice, hostility and discrimination, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  6. For all the overseas partner agencies of Caritas Australia, that the support they receive from this year’s Project Compassion will enable them to enhance the lives of their local communities, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  7. For emergency personnel working during the Easter holiday break, that their dedicated service will help keep holiday-makers and travellers safe, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  8. For all who are housebound through illness or frailty, that visits from family, friends and carers will keep them connected to the life of the community, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.
  9. For the recently deceased… and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that they will be awakened by the light of Christ and praise him forever, (pause for silent prayer) let us pray to the Lord.


Holy God, source of all life and light, you have shown the power of your love by raising your Son from the dead. In your mercy draw the whole of creation into the glory of his victory over sin and death. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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