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A different kind of success

01 May 2012 | Virginia Small

A different kind of successAn alternative learning environment is turning the table on what academic achievement really means.

A world beyond the classroom

01 May 2012 | Penny Edman

A world beyond the classroom For students in Catholic schools, there's more to learning than textbooks and computers.

Opening new doors

01 May 2012 | Ashleigh Green

Opening new doorsTwo recent tertiary graduates prove it's never too late to go back to school.

My school

30 Apr 2012 |

 My school Australian Catholics talks to four students about their aspirations and what makes their school special.

Landing in the net

05 Mar 2012 | Ashleigh Green

Landing in the netYoung people looking to discover their purpose in life can often find it by doing something that takes them away from their comfort zones. We talk to two young people who decided to spend a year with NET.

Brothers in arms

05 Mar 2012 | Liz Lillis

Brothers in armsAn immersion program is challenging young men to investigate the brotherhood and test drive the vocation in a practical way.

The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

25 Dec 2011 |

It's up to us to find a compassionate solution to refugee issues. Commit yourselves to doing 12 things for refugees over the Advent period.

MacKillop’s path to goodness

13 Dec 2011 | Liz Lillis

MacKillop's path to goodnessPrimary school students living in Lithgow, New South Wales, are taking inspiration on how to be good in their daily lives from Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. About 30 students at St Patrick's School are members of the Junior Josephite Associates.

Teaching right and wrong

13 Dec 2011 | Michael McVeigh

Teaching right and wrongThere's an old adage, 'give me a child until he's seven, and I will give you the man' (we're not sure if the hypothetical scenario takes more, or less, time for women).

Understanding the natural law

13 Dec 2011 | Ashleigh Green

Understanding the natural law What is Catholic Moral Theology? What does it have to teach us about how to face issues in contemporary society? Ashleigh Green talks to Professor Robert Gascoigne from Australian Catholic University.

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