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Information through the ages

11 Aug 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Information through the agesCatholics have been adapting to new technologies for more than two thousand years. We don't normally expect churches to be enthusiastic about new technology. Particularly communications technology.

The local and universal Church

04 May 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The local and universal ChurchFrom its earliest times, the Church has been both intensely local and intensely universal. Being Catholic means being able to encompass both these perspectives.

Changes in liturgy

03 Mar 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Changes in liturgyChange and difference in Catholic liturgy have been in the news recently. Provisions will be made for Anglican congregations and clergy who wish to join the Catholic Church. These may include the possibility of celebrating the liturgy in the distinctive form they have developed.


05 Oct 2009 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

SainthoodIn Australia today when we think of saints we are likely to think of Mary MacKillop. She is already called Blessed Mary MacKillop. People look forward to the day when she will be canonised a saint and will join St Clare, St Catherine of Sienna and all the other saints.

A saint in all but name

05 Oct 2009 | Michael McVeigh

A saint in all but nameThis year marked a hundred years since the death of Blessed Mary MacKillop. For many, her life and deeds already mark her as a saint. But the journey to her canonisation has been a long one.

The making of a saint

04 Oct 2009 |

The making of a saintAfter the death of someone who has lived a life of heroic virtue, questions often turn to whether that person should be made a saint. The canonisation process has evolved over the past 1,000 years. The steps are outlined in the Apostolic Constitution, Divinus Perfectionis Magister, which was brought into effect by Pope John Paul II in 1983. Liz Lillis provides a step-by-step guide to sainthood.

With respect

07 Aug 2009 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

With respectWe all want to be respected. But respect can mean many different things to us. Some associate it with bullies who teach respect with their fists. Others associate it with being stiff and polite in ways that don't come naturally to us. In this Explorations we look at the kind of respect that is important in all our relationships, and how we can respect others in natural ways.

Teaching Catholicism

30 Apr 2009 | Father Andrew Hamilton SJ

Teaching CatholicismWhen we think of Church Teaching we often imagine Pope Benedict speaking in Rome. But if we think of people learning faith, we are more likely to imagine children sitting in a classroom. The two images go together because they correspond to two questions we ask about teaching faith.

Where is God in a recession?

11 Mar 2009 | Father Andrew Hamilton SJ

Where is God in a recession?For over a year politicians and the media have been preoccupied with the economic crisis. Now we are experiencing the effects of the recession to which it has led. Some businesses have closed; most have laid off workers.

Filtering the net

05 Jan 2009 | Jane Ryan

Filtering the netThe world is at our children's fingertips, bringing great benefits but also exposing them to some dangers

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