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Freedom of religion: What is all the fuss about?

01 Nov 2017 | Fr Justin Glyn SJ

Religious freedom often comes up in public debate, most  recently around the issue of allowing same sex couples to marry. Why is it such a hot topic for religious people? 

Slavery’s continued impact

01 Nov 2017 | Kate Mani

Australians are shocked when they discover slavery still exists today even in their home country, says Sr Stancea Vichie MSS.

Alfred Smith – Faith and politics

09 Aug 2017 | Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming looks at a politician who managed to make his faith come to life through his work. 

Prayer blog: Joy in a World of Grey

27 Apr 2017 | Mia Nicholls

The world is full of bad news. Trump’s policies of hate; Brexit’s divisiveness in the UK, the reduction of the rights of vulnerable women in Russia; the continuing devastation in Syria; Australia’s current refugee policy and even the unwelcoming nature of some of our parishes, have made me shocked, angry and sad.

RE-cycled: Compassion for Asylum Seekers

02 Mar 2016 | Jim Finlayson, RE Teacher at Aquinas College

An RE-cycled activity on Compassion for asylum seekers from Aquinas College, Ringwood, VIC.

Reflection questions and activities for ‘AC Classroom: Advance Australia fair’

15 Jul 2015 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for ‘AC Classroom: Advance Australia fair’ from the Winter 2015

Investing during lean times

26 May 2015 | Michael McVeigh

Proposed changes to the federal government’s welfare system have been the subject of much debate over the last 12 months. We speak to Catholic Social Services Australia CEO Marcelle Mogg about what a fair social welfare system might look like. 

AC Classroom: Advance Australia fair

26 May 2015 | Neve Mahoney

If you were prime minister for a day, how would you make Australia a fairer place? 

Online exclusive: I am African and I am Australian

26 May 2015 | Anei Thou

Anei Thou, a refugee from Sudan, reflects on his family's refugee story and his hope for their future.

Liturgy for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people

20 May 2015 | Geraldine Martin

A liturgy for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people to use for World Refugee Day.

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1-10 out of 38 results.