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    Many voices one song

    Brendon D’Souza |  Nine choirs share the space at Good Shepherd Parish in Sydney. Each brings its own unique voice to the celebration of the Mass.
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    Liturgy: May the month of Mary our mother

    Geraldine Martin |  A liturgy to honour Mary our mother during her month - May!

Magazine Features

Hallelujah is our song 

Clare Deignan | 02 Feb 2017

Australian Catholics magazine caught up with two Catholic performers making their way to Australia for tours during Lent and Easter this year. 

How the light gets in

Robert Fedele | 02 Feb 2017

The musician Leonard Cohen once wrote that ‘There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in’. An outreach program is using the power of music to help disadvantaged young people shine. 

Once lost now found

Kate Mani | 20 Apr 2017

In the lead up to ANZAC Day, WWI history and religious tradition blur on the Western Front.

Reviving an ancient tradition

Jemimah McMurray | 02 Feb 2017

When I think of millennials and church music, upbeat tunes and remixes come to mind. But for some young Australians, it is the most ancient traditions that breathe new life into the liturgy.

The Sneaky Stations of the Cross Playlist

Theadosia Kurniawan | 02 Feb 2017

Where most people hear trashy pop songs, we hear songs that, with a little imagination, could be used to connect people with God. This ‘sneaky’ playlist makes a journey through the Stations of the Cross, using music you’d normally only find on the radio.

A community in harmony

Caitlin Hardy | 02 Feb 2017

Finding a place where you can feel at home is an important part of coming to understand yourself. 

More Stories

Music in God’s image

Rosie Hoban | 02 Feb 2017

Fiona Dyball loves to hear the 1400 boys at Marcellin College belt out the school’s song, Sub Tuum, the oldest known song to Mary, with enthusiasm and camaraderie. The image of a school full of adolescent boys lifting the roof singing a song about Mary is a little counter-cultural. But Fiona says the students ‘get it’ and that’s what matters. Without faith and prayer life, none of the trimmings matter.

Making the Mass sing

Paul Mason | 02 Feb 2017

For Catholics, the Mass is central to our way of life. The vibrancy of a Catholic parish can be measured by the joy and beauty of its celebrations. Parishoners who choose music for Mass have a great responsibility.

Compiling a worship booklet

Clare Deignan | 02 Feb 2017

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference’s National Liturgical Music Board (NLMB) has brought a new version of the Catholic Worship Book to Australian parishes. We spoke to Dr Paul Taylor about what parishioners can expect to hear—and sing—at Sunday Mass.

Helping students find their voice

Brendan Nicholls | 02 Feb 2017

How do you change the culture when students aren’t used to singing during liturgies? 

A concerted effort

James O’Brien | 02 Feb 2017

At the age of eight I began to learn how to play a small cello. Alex Zivkovic, an accomplished cellist, would be my teacher for 15 years. In meeting the Zivkovic family, musicians through seven generations in Serbia and now Australia, I was to have a connection to living musical history. In their house Beethoven’s spirit came alive.

From the school hall to the world stage

Nieve Walton and Kiara Aboo | 02 Feb 2017

These artist's stories can inspire other Catholic school students to follow their musical dreams.

Regular features

Choirs of angels

Kate Moriarty | 02 Feb 2017

Getting a gig at the parish for a new choir isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to start as the undercard. 

Finding the beat

Fatima Measham | 02 Feb 2017

There is a series of moments in a parent’s life when their child presents as a person in his or her own right. Like when their son or daughter learns to say ‘no’, or expresses a preference for something, or displays behaviour that has not been taught or modelled.

The soundtrack of our lives

Ann Rennie | 02 Feb 2017

Looking back on our favourite music is a good way of remembering our lives.

The loss of a beloved one

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ | 02 Feb 2017

This Lent, Madonna magazine will take readers on a special journey through the Easter story, using a series of daily meditations on the Gospel story. Here is the first entry.

A letter to Bob Dylan

Michael McGirr  | 02 Feb 2017

Dear Bob Dylan, I respond to much in the way of correspondence. Even the committee that awarded you the Nobel Prize for Literature didn’t hear much back from you and a letter from me is hardly in the same category. 

Recipe: Vegetarian Chickpea Burgers 
with Avocado

Brendon D'Souza | 02 Feb 2017

It amazes me that after almost three years, the burger craze here in Sydney still lives on. New burger joints are opening up all across the city. The burger is no-doubt an Aussie favourite and I want to share a greener twist on one of my favourite meals! 

My favourite song, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Brenna Dempsey | 02 Feb 2017

This song is an absolute joy to sing, with its powerful lyrics, intense low and high harmonies. It reminds me of lunch times in Year 9. I would sit in the shade surrounded by the most amazing group of friends, eating and chatting and belting out various renditions of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, harmonies and all, simply for our own enjoyment. We always had so much fun. Being surrounded by such supportive, funny and intelligent friends was enough for me, but knowing they all had such good taste in music simply topped it off.

Quiz: Catholic family fun

 | 02 Feb 2017

Try our Catholic family fun quiz!

Dancing to a different tune

Peter Fleming | 02 Feb 2017

What music did St Cecilia hear as she sat alone on her wedding day, singing to God?

The key to tackling family violence

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ | 02 Feb 2017

Tackling the issue of domestic violence means seriously addressing issues like porn and violence in our community.

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