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PrayerBlog: Denial

Peter Evans |  12 April 2017

Yes, you did follow him 

Into the palace courtyard. 

You had boldly vowed 

To follow him to the end. 

Now you are there. 

They are torturing him within 

As you sit with the guards without, 

Outside in that damned courtyard 

And wait… 

By the dying fire. 

‘What am I doing here?’

You ask yourself, 

Uneasy and lonely In the dark glow. 

‘But at least I am here.’

You tell yourself. 

Suddenly, knifelike, someone shouts: 

‘Hey! You too were with the Nazarene!’ 

The finger of the high priest’s servant 

Jabs ever so sharply. 

And in your heart at least 

You desperately shrink towards the gate. 

‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’ 

And you flee instead into the shadows 

Of denial. 

It doesn’t work of course. 

They are on to you. 

You are cornered. 

They come at you again. 

And you deny again - a second time, 

This time with an oath. 

Then you deny him once more. 

Oh so strangely that fateful third time. 

The hideous crackle of the rooster’s crow 

Cuts the still of the Friday dawn 

And with that 

You weep an inconsolable weep 

That now echoes through the ages. 

Why, Peter? Why? 

You can only ask. 

In a different imperial courtyard

In another time 

Another Peter 

Another denial 

And another why


Image: Waiting For The WordCreativeCommon's license


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