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Reflection questions & activities for 'My family's story’

Geraldine Martin |  24 October 2017

Read the article 'My family's story’ and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. Read ‘My Family’s Story’ and when you are finished talk to the person next to you about the origins of your family whether it be this generation or generations ago.  Unless we are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people we have all come from somewhere else. 

2. Appoint someone to write on the whiteboard, any rituals and traditions that are important to the students in the class. Note how many include food and family.

3. Think about Jesus’ family. Where did his Mother and Father come from? Discuss Jesus’ family with the person on the other side of you. Did he have grandparents? Who were they and where did they come from? What were some of the traditions that they carried out as a family?


1. For homework ask your parents and grandparents to tell you something about the country or countries they came from?  Did they migrate to ‘create new opportunities and create more family’ as Morgan Triskelidis’ family did or were they refugees, forced out of their homelands by war and famine? Ask them if they felt isolated when they came here? Did they feel they were ostracised when they arrived or were they made to feel welcome right from the start? How did they deal with the different foods eaten in Australia? How did they feel when they went to Mass in English and not in the language of their homeland? These are just a few questions and you are welcome to add any of your own.  

2. As a class, each student could write up their findings in a story of migration and change. Ask your Teacher to publish them in book form for others in the class to read.

3. Multicultural Australia has a tradition of opening Restaurants offering cuisine of countries where there owners come from. Have a day at the end of term where each students brings in a food from their original homeland and at recess or lunch time you could lay it all out so that others could try the food.  You could also have the recipe underneath so that students could take a copy home if they so wish.  Some could even bring some foods that Jesus and his family would have eaten when living in Israel.  

4. Watch the new program on Channel 9, Family Food Fight, and note how important family meals are in some cultures.

Questions and activities for younger students  

1. Ask students if they know where there parents or grandparents came from.  Get them to ask some simple questions about their background.  They could bring that to school and you could have a time for them to tell their story.  As the teacher you could provide them with some of the background of Jesus’ family.  

2. Get the students to draw a picture of their favourite ritual or tradition that they take part in as a family or as an extended family. They are to give their picture a name.  Display them in the classroom.    



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