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Reflections & activities for 'At the service of your peers'

Clare Deignan |  14 February 2018

student leaders talking to classRead the article, At the service of your peers: advice for student leaders, and answer the following reflection questions. Then share your answers in pairs or groups. 
Questions for reflection
1. How do you define prophetic leadership? 
2. Who are called to be prophetic leaders?
3. Why does Jesus need to be at the centre of prophetic leadership?
4. Why is Mother Mary an example of prophetic leadership? What can we learn about prophetic leadership from Mary’s example?
5. How can you be a prophetic student leader?
6. How will you say ‘yes’ to God’s unexpected plan? 
1. Watch the video ‘Prophetic Leadership’ and answer the questions from the video. 
How is your definition of prophetic leadership the same or different from those expressed in the video?
What does it mean to be a prophetic leader?
Who inspires you as a prophetic leader? Why?
How will you show prophetic leadership at your school?
2. Regularly, Jack Stammers asks himself three different questions to recognise Christ in others. 
These questions are: ‘Where is Jesus in this conversation?’, ‘How has Jesus been present in this person?’, ‘Where is Jesus calling me to next?’ 
This week, ask yourself these three questions as you go through your day. Then write a reflection on your experience. 
3. Write a job ad for a prophetic leader. What duties would you include in the job description? What characteristics, qualifications and experience would the applicant need? Whom would the boss be? What would be the pay?
For younger students
Teachers read or summarise the article, ‘At the service of your peers: advice for student leaders’ for your class. Then lead a class discussion on prophetic leadership and Mother Mary’s example of prophetic leadership. 
After, teachers can ask students to choose a person they believe is a Catholic prophetic leader. Then using a poster board, students can illustrate their Catholic prophetic leader, including a description of why this person is a prophetic leader. 


Topic tags: responsiblerelationships, socialjustice-australia, healthycommunitylife

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