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Reflection questions & activities for 'Catholic women forging pathways'

Michele Frankeni |  26 February 2018

Read the article ‘Catholic women forging pathways’ and answer the following reflection questions. Then share your answers in pairs and groups.


What does a mentor do?

Can you identify any mentors in your lives?

Think of ways you may have acted as a mentor. Why do you think mentoring relationships are beneficial personally, in sport, at school, or in a career?

Giulia seems to believe there is still an expectation in the Church today that you are either mother or earners. As students do you think you will need to make a choice, or do you expect to combine parenthood with careers?

Visit the Catholic Women’s Mentoring Program. Discuss the tagline Igniting feminine genius. What does that say to you? Does it work as a tagline?

The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is #PressforProgress. Do you think the mentoring program fit into this theme?


Consider the International Women’s Day website and identify the different parts of the campaign.

In pairs, or groups, develop your own mentoring program. What can you offer? Who would be your targets? You can then write news articles, do interviews, make posters, or combinations of your ideas to promote your program.

For younger students

Teachers read or summarise the article, ‘Catholic women forging pathways’ for your class. Discuss with the class how older students often act as mentors to younger students. If your school has a buddy system you could discuss why that was implemented and how it works, or the purpose of school captains and leaders. Discuss how Jesus was a mentor for the disciples.

After, teachers can ask students to identify mentors in their lives – older students, older brothers and sisters. Then ask them to write about what they enjoy doing with their mentors or something they’ve learned from them.

Image: Giulia Jones and Jeremy Hanson speak with a constituent. Courtesy Catholic Women's Mentoring.



Topic tags: responsiblerelationships, vocationsandlifechoices, healthycommunitylife

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