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The world will say you are silly!

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26 Oct 2014 | Brian Doyle

Receiving some off-the-cuff wisdom from one of the world’s most respected religious leaders.


26 Jul 2014 | Michael McVeigh

Welcome to our special youth edition of Australian Catholics.

Confessions of a practising Catholic

26 Jul 2014 | Neve Mahoney

It takes courage to be open about your faith at the risk of being ridiculed.

Am I Catholic enough?

26 Jul 2014 | Emma Quinn

What's expected of me as a young Catholic? Am I supposed to be comfortable jumping up and down and praising Jesus? Or is it okay if I prefer to keep my faith to myself?

Why I am happy to be a godfather

26 Jul 2014 | Michael McVeigh

People who criticise parents who baptise their child into the Catholic faith because of the Church's flaws and misdeeds are missing the point about what it means to be a Catholic.

Changing someone else’s world

28 May 2014 | Ann Rennie

Seeing beauty in others can help them see the beauty in themselves.

A letter to Tolkien

28 May 2014 | Michael McGirr

Dear Tolkien, It seems strange just to call you by your surname. Your wife, Edith, always called you Ronald. Your many friends at Oxford University tended to call you Tollers and to some you were Professor Tolkien. 

To see the person with love

28 May 2014 | Jan Coleman & Caitlin Coleman

The Church's teaching on sexuality, like all Church teachings, is grounded in a desire to build relationships modeled on God’s own love for us. Unfortunately many same-sex attracted people have found themselves greeted, not with love, but with condemnation and discrimination from many Catholics. This edition is about respecting the dignity of each human being. So we have asked Jan Coleman and her daughter Caitlin, who is gay, to respond to the Pope’s statements on homosexuality. 

Editorial: Lessons in truthiness

03 Mar 2014 | Michael McVeigh

US Catholic comedian Stephen Colbert has a theory about Pope Francis. 'He's a vigilante vicar', Colbert said, after hearing reports that the Pope had been going out on the streets dressed as a simple priest to minister to people.

Unguarded moments: The life of the party

03 Mar 2014 | Ann Rennie

Jesus liked to enjoy himself. So why shouldn't we?

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