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Good sisters

04 May 2010 | Liz Lillis

Good sistersA unique bond has been forged between two parishes, one in Victoria the other in Uganda.

Doing more

04 May 2010 | Michael McVeigh

Doing moreThe saying goes, 'to understand someone, walk a mile in their shoes'. At St Patrick's Primary School in Nanango, Queensland, students have gone further. Last year, as part of the Caritas Be More Challenge, they spent 12 hours walking while carrying bottles of water in order to understand the lives of children in Africa.

Celebrating the arts

03 May 2010 |

Celebrating the artsIn dioceses around Australia, communities come together to appreciate the gifts of students at festivals celebrating the arts.

Many ways to praise

03 Mar 2010 | Beth Doherty

Many ways to praiseYoung people searching for a deeper experience of God will find a Mass that expresses their faith best.

Voices from the outside

03 Mar 2010 | Michael McVeigh

Voices from the outsideSocial justice is an important part of our faith. But is that always apparent in our liturgies?

Take this bread

03 Mar 2010 | Liz Lillis

Take this breadWhat is it about the Mass that most strongly moves people? We ask three busy Australians, who are often on the road as part of their Catholic ministry roles, to reflect on memorable experiences of liturgy.

Simple lessons

03 Mar 2010 | Joshua Anderson

Simple lessonsWhen Kevin Wilson became disillusioned with the corporate world, he decided he needed to do something more meaningful with his life. What he wanted was something that felt like a vocation, rather than a profession. After hearing this, a friend referred him to Palms Australia.

Processions of faith

05 Oct 2009 | Penny Edman

Processions of faithMost Australian Catholics know the stories of historical figures like St Joseph, St Peter and St Francis of Assisi. But other saints, like St Andrew Dung-Lac, St Maroun or St Filadelfo, also have their day in the sun in communities around Australia.

The crib that came to stay

05 Oct 2009 | Dan McAloon

The crib that came to stayFr Rafaele Tresca's cribs have enthralled the community at Saint Brigid's for more than 40 years.

Too cool for schoolies

05 Oct 2009 | Sarah Baker

Too cool for schooliesWhile most 17 and 18 year old high school graduate students will be looking forward to a week of partying and relaxing after completing their final exams, 16 students from Melbourne's De La Salle College will instead brave the heat, the language barrier and the lack of McDonald's venues to embark on a schoolies experience of a different kind.

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