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    Eileen O'Connor – Servant of God

    Michael McVeigh |  Eileen O'Connor is firmly on the path to becoming Australia's second saint with a letter from the Vatican confirming there is nothing standing in the way of investigating her life.
  • Feature Article

    Journeying with the Catholic Church

    Michael McVeigh |  Australian Catholics has been an important part of the Catholic Church life over its 25-year history. Here are some memorable moments in that journey.
  • Feature Article

    Women pioneer new models of Church

    Francine Crimmins |  The diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes, north-west NSW, relies on the lay people and more accurately, the women, to run the show.
  • Feature Article

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Magazine Features

25 years of Australian Catholics

Michael McVeigh | 19 Sep 2018

In 1993, the Australian Jesuits partnered with Vinnies, the Pontifical Mission Society and the Australian Catholic Health Care Association to launch a new magazine for the Catholic community.

Meeting the challenges facing Catholic Schools

Clare Deignan | 22 Aug 2018

framing paper cover Australian Catholics spoke to the NCEC’s Senior Education Officer of Faith Formation & Religious Education John McGrath about the purpose of the framing paper 'Religious education in Australian Catholic schools' and how it will help Catholic schools shape future generations.

Involving families in sacramental education

Michele Frankeni | 22 Aug 2018

Gabrielle at faith formation eveningFirst Communion education at a suburban Melbourne parish is just the start to life‑long sacramental learning.

Women pioneer new models of Church

Francine Crimmins | 21 Aug 2018

Mary Anne from the Wilcannia-Forbes DioceseThe diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes, north-west NSW, relies on the lay people and more accurately, the women, to run the show.

Bonded by faith and culture

Ann Maria Sabu | 21 Aug 2018

KeralaOne of our young writers, Ann Maria Sabu, is a member of the Syro‑Malabar St Alphonsa Cathedral Parish in Melbourne’s north. She writes about her experiences of Church, and speaks to some of her fellow parishioners about what the Church means to them.

A changing church

Bob Dixon | 22 Aug 2018

Bob Dixon explores what the Australian Catholic Church looks like today, a quarter of a century after the first edition of Australian Catholics was published.

Young Journalist Award winners 2018

 | 23 Aug 2018

Voices of hopeMore than 700 students entered this year's Young Journalist Award and found there is 'hope for the future'.

More Stories

Finding a home in the church

Thea Kurniawan | 21 Aug 2018

Noel ChandramoghanOriginally from Malaysia, Noel Chandramoghan is a minister at 24:7 Youth Ministry in Perth, and Youth Minister at Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands. He says that the Church can be a great place for young Catholic migrants to find kindred spirits, and feel more at home in a new country.

People with a mission for others

Michele Frankeni | 21 Aug 2018

Vinnies Youth rep Maddie SmisVinnies has always been at the forefront of the Catholic Church’s mission on the ground. We speak to two NSW Vinnies members who are working in different ways to widen Vinnies’ mission beyond the traditional model of vouchers for food, utilities and help with rents.

Mission-focused care

Louise Frankeni | 21 Aug 2018

Tara PetersFor many who work at St John of God Health Care, it is far more than a job, or indeed, simply care-giving.

The value of personal connections

Michele Frankeni | 22 Aug 2018

prof jonesResearch into pastoral care aims to provide evidence about its importance to the health and wellbeing of the sick and aged.

The gift of accompaniment

Mark Green | 22 Aug 2018

illustrationA number of Australian state governments have recently debated, and voted on, euthanasia legislation. Catholic health care organisations like Calvary Health are sharing their experiences of accompanying people through palliative care to urge politicians and community leaders to reconsider their approach to death.

Bringing people together to make a difference

John Warhurst | 22 Aug 2018

photo courtesy jssCatholic Social Services Australia has shown how the Church can make a difference by drawing on the experience and passion of dedicated individuals at all levels of society.

A confirmation memory

Tatiasna Kurniawan | 22 Aug 2018

In a homily I once heard, the priest spoke about how our church only ever overflowed two days a year – Christmas and Easter. But sacraments like confirmation definitely provide a third opportunity.

What young people want

Luke Bogoni | 22 Aug 2018

Luke BogoniStarting out his career as a teacher, Luke Bogoni remembered how boring he’d found RE class. So he asked his students what they wanted out of the class, and was surprised by their response.

A mission that endures

Suzanne Greenwood | 21 Aug 2018

cabrini nursesCatholic Health Australia was one of the original sponsors of Australian Catholics magazine. This year it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Chief Executive Officer Suzanne Greenwood reflects on how Catholic health has changed over the years.

Changing the Tasmanian view of pregnancy and infant loss

 | 23 Aug 2018

The winner of the Intermediate Section of the 2018 Young Journalist Award looked at the Tasmanian Bears of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support program.

Regular features

A field guide to your local parish

Kate Moriarty | 22 Aug 2018

home truthsThe post-Mass morning tea provides the amateur enthusiast a unique opportunity to examine Australian Catholics in their natural environment. Grab a cup of Earl Grey and a Scotch Finger biscuit and see how many you can identify.

The saint who watched the door

Peter Fleming | 22 Aug 2018

St Alphonsus Rodriguez is proof that there are many paths to holiness, and that there is holiness in many paths.

My spiritual landscape

Ann Rennie | 22 Aug 2018

spring flower in meadowHow we see ourselves in relation to God is shaped by our background, our community, our experiences and our desires.

A letter to an old rocker

Michael McGirr | 22 Aug 2018

bruce springsteenDear Bruce Springsteen, Many of your songs tell stories of struggling people and celebrate their dignity.

Recipe: Crumbed pork chops with cauliflower mash

Brendon D'Souza | 22 Aug 2018

In my family, Sunday lunch starts once we’ve all arrived home from Church and can extend to early hours of the evening. Here’s a favourite recipe featuring crispy pan-fried pork served on light and creamy cauliflower mash.

Journeying with the Catholic Church

Michael McVeigh | 22 Aug 2018

25 year anniversary illustrationAustralian Catholics has been an important part of the Catholic Church life over its 25-year history. Here are some memorable moments in that journey.

Relationships in the Catholic Church

Fr Andrew Hamilton | 22 Aug 2018

In this Explorations, we look at the relationships between the people in the pews and the leaders in the Catholic Church.

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