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RE-cycled: 90 for 90 - An anniversary charity campaign

 |  01 June 2016

This year St Rita’s College celebrates its 90th anniversary. To celebrate, students are throwing off the ‘Me-generation’ label and getting involved in 90 different local charities and organizations. 

A bit from St Rita’s on the students' 90 Deeds for 90 Years project: Tired of the selfish stereotype their generation has been bestowed, students are aiming to ‘Be the Change’ in their local community by reaching out to 90 charities and organisations as the school celebrates its 90th Anniversary this year. On Friday (27 May), more than 1000 ‘Deeds Cards’ will be distributed to students, as they are tasked with the challenge to spread compassion into their local community by volunteering with charities or donating to worthy causes. Each student will receive a business style card, which they will leave with their chosen organisation, in the hopes of flooding our local community with deeds of good will. We are aiming to reach at least 90 organisations and to create a movement of compassion, empowering students to be the change. St Rita’s College is a leading school in Brisbane for social justice education with a number of Immersion projects each year including visits to Longreach, Murgon, Cape York, India and Cambodia. 

For the classroom: How can your school or class spread compassion in your community? Why not follow St Rita’s College and reach out to local charities and organizations to make a difference?



Topic tags: catholicsocialteaching, socialjustice–australia, volunteeringandtakingaction, buildingpeace

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