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Compiling a worship booklet

Clare Deignan |  01 February 2017

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference’s National Liturgical Music Board (NLMB) has brought a new version of the Catholic Worship Book to Australian parishes. We spoke to Dr Paul Taylor about what parishioners can expect to hear—and sing—at Sunday Mass.

As one of the authors of the new worship book. Dr Taylor believes Catholics can look forward to, ‘a very usable blend of liturgical music old and new, tried and true’.

The Director of Music at St Patrick’s Cathedral and Executive Secretary of the Bishops Commission for Liturgy of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Paul notes that Catholics often have the reputation of being reluctant to sing (or even hum) at Mass. 

Metaphorically taking a hymn-book page or two from other Christian denominations, Catholic Worship Book II looks to the ecumenical movement to inspire Catholics of all musical talents to join in the singing.

‘The inclusion of more metrical hymn tunes for traditional and contemporary texts is influenced in part by the ecumenical movement over 400 years. Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. renowned for their hearty congregational singing – can teach Catholic parishes about effective music for the assembly’, he says.

But for those passionate about Latin, Catholic Worship Book II will not disappoint. The ‘Missa de Angelis’, ‘Credo III’, ‘Pater Noster’ and the Requiem Mass chants are included in the revised worship book. And if anyone is worried about Catholic favourites ‘Here I am Lord’ or ‘On Eagles’ Wings’—don’t worry—they made the cut. 

Paul acknowledges some parishioners may be resistant to the changes in Catholic Worship Book II, but he’s optimistic that this edition will foster a renewed enthusiasm for Catholic liturgical music. He explains, ‘Change in the Church can certainly be unsettling, however, we hope people will try using Catholic Worship Book II before they critique it.’

To find and learn more about the Catholic Worship Book II go to:

Or to order your copy go to Morning Star Publishing:


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