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Reflection questions & activities for 'The value of diversity’

 |  06 September 2017

Read the article 'The value of diversity’ and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. What does diversity mean? 

2. How does your community value diversity?

3. Why is inclusion important to learning life skills in schools?

4. How are you unique from others in your school or community? 

5. What does our Catholic faith teach us about diversity?

6. How does Jesus teach us to treat others that are different from us?


1. Write about your own experience with diversity in your school. What have you learned about diversity because of your experience? What would you want other people to know about diversity in schools? Do you agree there is value in diversity in schools? Why or why not? 

2. Explore the ICAN Network’s website. Read the stories of those on the autism spectrum. After, have a classroom discussion on what each of you learned from the personal stories of those living with Autism and what those on the autism spectrum can add to our communities.

For younger students

Teachers can lead a classroom discussion on what diversity means and how we are all different. Teachers can then lead explain why God made us unique and why this important.

1. Teachers can ask students what they imagine the world to be like if everyone was the same. Have students draw what this world would look like. Students can explain what a world of ‘sameness’ would be like.

2. Students can illustrate what a world where diversity is welcome looks like. Then they can explain what a world of ‘diversity’ would be like.

3. Students can then share why they think God made us unique and called us to love one another.




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