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Quiz: Catholic saints who went to prison

02 November 2017

1. Which saint was imprisoned for losing their temper and hitting someone in the face at Council of Nicaea in 325?

a. Saint Nicholas

b. Saint Abraham the Poor 

c. Saint Monica

d. Basil the Elder

2. In what country was Maximilian Kolbe imprisoned and put to death in a Nazi concentration camp?

3. Joan of Arc helped free France from which country’s dominance during the Hundred Years’ War?

4. Who did God send to free Saint Peter from prison?

5. Who am I? 

I was a contemporary of Jesus and was actually related to him. In my day, I was considered a prophet. 

My parents were thought to be too old to bear children until I came along. 

I baptized people, including Jesus in the River Jordan. 

Herod Antipas ordered me beheaded. Who am I? 


1) a. Saint Nicholas

2) German-occupied Poland

3) England

4) An angel

5) John the Baptist



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