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Prayers of the People: Fifth Sunday of Lent Year B, 18 March 2018

 |  11 March 2018

Introductory reflection

Today’s gift from Jesus: two simple images, one a grain of wheat and the other a cross. Neither has immediate appeal. The seed is insignificant, the cross an instrument of death. What have they to offer? Nothing less than a wealth of wisdom to those who contemplate them. Taking the time to gaze upon them with our “inner eye,” the eye of faith, will reveal their secret: the divine power that is hidden in our weakness and mortality. They teach us that it is by embracing, not denying, our human condition that our lives become free and fruitful. The path to glory traverses Calvary.

The week’s prayer focus

That, as Paul wrote to the Romans, “creation will be set free from its bondage to decay and will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (8:21).

Sample intercessions

These intercessions are offered for selected use at Sunday Mass in the parish alongside those that express local needs and concerns.


Dear friends, like the grain of wheat that dies to yield a harvest, Jesus gave himself over to death and became the source of eternal salvation for all. With his steadfast faith, let us pray for ourselves and all that God has made.


  1. We pray for the whole of creation, that it will be drawn into the dying and rising of Christ and be lifted up to the praise and glory of God. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  2. We pray for the Church in Australia as it honours St Patrick and St Joseph, that it will give birth to more of its own heroes of the faith like Mary MacKillop. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  3. We pray for the global community, that all forms of racial discrimination will be eliminated and replaced with harmony, mutual respect, and joy in diversity. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  4. We pray for the young women of Mozambique, that our support for Project Compassion will enable Caritas Australia and its local partners to offer them an education that opens up a new future. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  5. We pray for the countless people who struggle every day for access to clean water because of violent conflict, corrupt officials or drought, that their cry for justice will be heard. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  6. We pray for prisoners who have served their term and been released into the community, that they will receive the support they need to rebuild their lives. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  7. (South Australia) We pray for those who have been elected to state parliament, that they will serve the people of South Australia with integrity, wisdom and energy. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  8. We pray for one another as we enter the final weeks of Lent, that we will be guided and governed in our daily lives by the covenant of love written deep in our hearts. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.
  9. We pray for the recently deceased… and for those whose anniversary of death occurs around this time, that they will be lifted up from the earth with Christ the risen Lord. (Pause for silent prayer) Lord, hear us.


God of mercy and Father of Jesus, in his humanity your Son prayed with tears and went humbly to his death. May we look upon the cross with faith and see your power at work ever raising us to life. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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