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Quiz: The Afterlife

Staff |  22 May 2018

Take part in the quiz about the Afterlife.

1. According to common belief, which Catholic saint are you most likely to encounter at the gates of Heaven?

2. How many days did Jesus spend on earth after his Resurrection before he ascended into heaven?

3. The feast day commemorating Mary’s acceptance into heaven is known as the …………… ?

4. Catholic belief has it that those who die in a state of grace, but are still in need of purification, end up in a place that’s not quite heaven or hell.

5. Mary went into heaven without experiencing death, but the Bible also tells of two Old Testament figures being received into heaven in that way. Who were they?




  1. St Peter, 2. 40, 3. Assumption, 4. Purgatory, 5. Enoch and Elijah


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