Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Two 2021

Michael McVeigh 22 April 2021

Here’s what we have in store for you in Catholic Teacher in Term Two.


As we move into Term Two, we look towards some important social justice events on the calendar, while articles from our upcoming Winter edition explore various topics related to the theme of ‘Work and human dignity’.

Here’s what we have in store for you in Catholic Teacher in Term Two.

22 April – Following your dreams
Main article: ‘The Audition’ by Molly Brabham

One of our young writers reflects on her recent experience auditioning for a role in an upcoming major play. We explore some of the ‘big moments’ in young people’s lives, and reflect on what it means to find and follow a dream career.

29 April – St Joseph the Worker
Main article: ‘The carpenter’s father’ by Peter Fleming

Ahead of the Feast of St Joseph the Worker on 1 May – and given Pope Francis has dedicated this whole year to St Joseph – we explore the story of the man who helped raise Jesus and became an important patron in the Catholic Church.

6 May – Climate change and youth
Main article: ‘A student’s environment is their castle: The fight to save the world from coal’ by Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

Laudator Si’ Week runs from 16 to 24 May, while World Environment Day is 5 June. In the lead-up to those events, we explore the story of some Australian students who are taking climate action to the courts – with the support of an Australian religious sister. We provide some activities to encourage students to consider the issues raised by Pope Francis in his environmental encyclical Laudato Si’, and what they mean for us all.

13 May – 200 years of Catholic education in Australia
Main article: ‘Catholic education across the decades’ by Michael McVeigh

As we mark the 200th anniversary of Catholic education in Australia, we bring together the stories of Australian Catholic education pioneers. We provide some questions and activities to give students the opportunity to reflect on what Catholic education means for them, ahead of celebrations around Australia on 24 May.

20 May – Holiness in everyday vocations
Main article: ‘The jobs of the saints’ by Thea Kurniawan

When we think of saints, we often picture priests, bishops, nuns or other members of the clergy. While many canonised saints were professed religious, anyone can be called to holiness. We take a look at some saints who turned regular jobs into holy pursuits.

27 May – Work and social justice (part one)
Main feature: ‘Work and St Joseph’ by Andrew Hamilton SJ

Given the importance of work to our lives, it’s not surprising there’s a great deal of Catholic thought dedicated to ensuring justice in relationships between employers and workers. We take a look at how work is viewed in the Catholic Church, particularly through the life of St Joseph – the patron saint of workers.

3 June – Work and social justice (part two)
Main features: ‘Justice together: Solidarity and unions’ by John Falzon, ‘Working in community’ by Brenna Dempsey

John Falzon takes a look at the union movement and it’s relationship with Catholic Social Teaching, while a member of our young writers community Brenna Dempsey shares her own experiences of unions.

10 June  - Work and social justice (part three)
Main features: ‘Life in limbo’ by Michele Gierck, ‘Trafficking in humans’ by Brett O’Neill SJ, and ‘Challenges facing workers’ by Julian Butler SJ.

There are many places in our society where people’s dignity is impacted by their inability to find safe and secure work. Our features explore the experiences of refugees denied the ability to work and people trafficked into vulnerable and inhumane working conditions, and the challenges facing people caught up in insecure employment.

17 June – The role of godparents
Main feature: A job description for a Godparent

We finish the term with a fun look at what a ‘job advertisement’ for a godparent might look like, and look a bit more deeply at this important part of the sacrament of baptism and the spiritual journeys of young (and not-so-young) Catholics.