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A letter to: Charles Dickens

04 Mar 2012 | Michael McGirr

Dear Mr Dickens,
I am writing belatedly to wish you many happy returns for your two hundredth birthday and to thank you for all those wonderful books which have been part of my life since I was at school.

Unguarded moments: Picking up the call

04 Mar 2012 | Ann Rennie

When we're doing what God wants us to do, we know it at the depths of our being.


24 Dec 2011 | Fr Maurizio Pettena CS

It is an honour to welcome you to this edition of Australian Catholics, one which focuses on one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Unguarded moments: Christmas refuge

24 Dec 2011 | Ann Rennie

We know through our Christmas story that within weeks of his birth, our saviour Jesus Christ was forced to undertake a perilous journey to escape persecution. There must be a special place in His heart for refugees today.

Letter to Steve

13 Dec 2011 | Michael McGirr

A letter to Steve Dear Mr Jobs,
Perhaps it would have been better to have sent this letter before you died but you had such a knack for developing communication gadgets that I am sure you will find a pod or a pad or something in the afterlife to enable you to download messages from earth. I hope that should be upload.

A letter to Santa

10 Oct 2011 | Michael McGirr

A letter to SantaDear Father Christmas,
We are writing to let you know that your application for asylum in Australia has been denied. You will not be permitted to enter Australian airspace on December 24. The relevant matters are dealt with below. We are taking a bi-partisan approach to this matter.


31 May 2011 | Michael McVeigh

It's a happy coincidence that this edition on science and religion comes out shortly after the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Unguarded moments: Where science and religion flourish

31 May 2011 | Ann Rennie

I was never much of a science student. I remember being careful with a Bunsen burner, undertaking experiments with chemicals in pipettes in the laboratory and trying to learn by heart the periodic table. But the science of my school days was for the students who could understand strange abstractions and pH balances and problem solving.

Science-based action

10 May 2011 | Michele Gierck

Science-based action We are inspired by faith, but our actions are most effective if they are based in science.

Science and the Bible

09 May 2011 |

Science and the BibleProfessor Neil Ormerod says he's dismayed when he hears people trying to reconcile the stories in the Bible with scientific discoveries.

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