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Unguarded moments: Saints alive

05 Oct 2009 | Ann Rennie

The stories of the saints, even the gruesome ones, still resonate today.

In the footsteps of others

04 Oct 2009 | Benita De Vincentiis

In the footsteps of othersWhen Benita De Vincentiis joined the St Vincent de Paul Society as a young adult, she was inspired by the presence of a 'cute' boy. But in the decade she spent with the society as a youth coordinator, she found true inspiration in the lives and stories of the saints.


06 Aug 2009 | Michael McVeigh

This edition of Australian Catholics is about building better relationships in our lives—with our friends, family, God, and ourselves.

Unguarded moments: Sharing the best of ourselves

06 Aug 2009 | Ann Rennie

Affirming each person we meet.

Editorial: Passing on values

29 Apr 2009 | Michael McVeigh

One of the main roles of our Church is the formation of young people. 

Unguarded moments: Values adding

29 Apr 2009 | Ann Rennie

Our values are embedded in our stories and the stories we grew up with, and lived out in our words and actions.

Prayers for a child

29 Apr 2009 | Fatima Measham

A feeling of vulnerability often leads us to prayer, and there's never been a more vulnerable experience for me than being a mother.

Lessons from a long road

29 Apr 2009 | Michelle Coram

Lessons from a long roadA bad pilgrim experience? Or just a taste of everyday life for so many others around the world?

The terrible brilliance

11 Mar 2009 | Brian Doyle

The terrible brillianceThe terrible brilliance of our faith is that there isn't one Christ, there are billions.

Weeping over Jerusalem

11 Mar 2009 | Ben Coleridge

Weeping over JerusalemTwo thousand years on, Jesus remains on the road to Calvary.

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