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God in other faiths

24 Dec 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

God in other faithsReligion can be the best of things. It can also be the worst of things. It all depends on whether it is inspired by and inspires the love of God and of other people, or is inspired by fear or hatred. If religion is inspired by hatred, it destroys itself and harms people.

'Namastes' in a sacred land

23 Dec 2010 | Ann Doyle PHOTO Bruce Miller

Discovering the many faces of religion in India.

The dialogue of life

23 Dec 2010 | Virginia Small

 The dialogue of lifeReligion is blamed for so much, yet, paradoxically, it lies at the beating heart of understanding and enrichment. Interfaith dialogue is one way the Catholic Church is addressing these gaps in understanding, and it's happening at every level.

Editorial: Conversations between religions

23 Dec 2010 | Michael McVeigh

Often when people talk of Australia being a secular society it's a way to shut out religious voices. But at the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne last December, we saw a secular world where people of different faiths sat side by side, listening and sharing, and delivering common messages.

Unguarded moments: Swapping stories of the sacred

23 Dec 2010 | Ann Rennie

Whether we connect in the real world, or as avatars on Second Life, each time we reach out to people with different beliefs than our own we add something new.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Long way home

10 Aug 2010 | James Lawler

Forging a new identity, fleeing your beloved homeland and undertaking a perilous journey across open seas on a crowded smuggler's ship would be a daunting task for anyone, but when Yasir Hussani was seven years old, it all seemed like a big adventure.

Class discussion: One world, many faiths

24 Dec 2009 |

Classroom discussion activity for '"Namastes" in a sacred land' from the Summer 2010 edition

Activities: Dialogue in action

24 Dec 2009 |

Activity on dialogue in action from the Summer 2010 edition

Reflection: Prayers from other faiths

24 Dec 2009 |

Reflection on prayers from other faiths from the Summer 2010 edition

Hearing religious voices

05 Jan 2009 | Fatima Measham

Hearing religious voicesIs religion in danger of disappearing from the media? Journalist Barney Zwartz thinks religion remains relevant in the public sphere.

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21-30 out of 30 results.