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Mercy prayer: An exercise for Sunday Mass

31 Oct 2016

Becoming a Church of mercy means becoming people of mercy in our parishes. Next Sunday, try the following prayer exercise at your local parish. 

Downton Abbey’s unmistakeable heart

31 Oct 2016 | Peter Fleming

There are many things that go into making a hit TV show or movie – but could one of the most secret ingredients be mercy?

A letter to Mother Cabrini

31 Oct 2016 | Michael McGirr

Dear Mother Cabrini, I am writing to you with an idea for a TV mini series. It is called Saint and the City and will be based around your life. 

Home Truths: Little Drama Boy

31 Oct 2016 | Kate Moriarty

It was going to be the best Christmas yet. For the first time, we were hosting Christmas. And Harry was old enough for the nativity play.

Unguarded moments: Acts of mercy

31 Oct 2016 | Ann Rennie

I was happy this year to tick the ‘Catholic’ box on the census to be counted as an Australian for whom faith matters.

Pope Francis and the challenge of being church today 

31 Oct 2016 | Bishop Vincent Long

We cannot, as a Church, proclaim to be messengers of God’s love while at the same time colluding with the forces of oppression, says Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long. 

Online exclusive: Teaching boys to respect girls

27 Aug 2016 | Peter Hosking SJ

Hopefully students and families around the country are discussing the media reports about the online behaviours of adolescents, especially those that disrespect girls.

Editorial: Small mercies, big results

17 Aug 2016 | Dinelle Hettiarachchi

What happens when six young people are handed the reigns of Australian Catholics magazine?

What can one person do?

17 Aug 2016 | Chelsea Hard

One person can change the way you see yourself, one action can change the way you see the world.

Unguarded moments: Unfeasible love

31 May 2016 | Ann Rennie

Mercy isn’t about ticking boxes.

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